Will Ingrown Toenails Heal Left Untreated?


Ingrown toenails left untreated usually cause a lot of pain, can get infected and, in the worst situations, can actually lead to bone infections and loss of the toe. It is always surprising to those who have never suffered an ingrown toenail how much a small piece of nail stuck in the skin can hurt so much. Toes and fingers happen to be able to sense a great deal due to their dense distribution of nerve endings. If you can ever remember having something small like a sliver of fiberglass or a very small splinter in your finger, you can get a sense of how painful an ingrown nail can be.

Causes of Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails have varied causes. When the nail plate is shaped normally ingrown toenails are less likely but can still be an issue. A normal nail plate is flat when you site down the toe. An incurvated nail will look like a staple when you sight down it. Incurvated nails lead to most of the instances of ingrowing nails

Incurvated Nail

If the toenail is cut improperly in the corner leaving a barbed edge, this will lead to an ingrown nail as it grows out and buries the sharp fragment in the flesh. Other causes of ingrown toenail are wearing tight, too small shoes and stockings, trauma to the nail and fungus infection of the nail.

Ingrown Toenail Symptoms

Ingrown toenails can cause impressive amounts of pain. Even if bed sheets touch the toe, for example, it can send waves of pain through the toe. A non-infected ingrown toenail is going to have a reddened, swollen appearance where the nail is digging into the flesh. There may be bleeding from the area and a great deal of pain. If there is pus, a bad odor or red streaking coming from the toe then it has become infected. There may appear to be a blister around the side of the nail that most likely contains pus. This is known as an abscess. This

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