Our experts know that caring and compassion is as important as knowledge and skill when treating our youngest patients

Pediatric Podiatry Services

Many children experience foot and ankle problems. When they do, parents can turn to the pediatric podiatrist experts at Essex Union Podiatry for help.

The growing musculoskeletal systems of kids are fundamentally different from those of older patients in a number of important ways. That?s why the foot and ankle specialists at Essex Union Podiatry take special care of our youngest patients.

We understand the crucial differences in treating children?s feet and ankles from those of adults. Just as important, however, is the consideration we give to frightened kids and worried parents.

At Essex Union Podiatry, we know that patience and compassion are as critical to treatment as knowledge and experience. The experts at Essex Union Podiatry have it all, in addition to specialized training and education in pediatric podiatry.

How Bones of Children Are Different From Adults

Growing pains are not a myth. Instead of having fully formed bones, children have soft caps at the ends called growth plates, made of cartilage. This cartilage will eventually be replaced by bone upon reaching skeletal maturity. In the meantime, these growth plates mean that pediatric podiatrists have to treat children?s foot and ankle conditions in different ways than treatment for adults.

How to Tell if Your Child Needs a Pediatric Podiatrist

Diagnosing children?s foot and ankle problems isn?t always easy. Even older children can have a hard time articulating what?s bothering them, let alone babies and nonverbal younger children. Look for these signs and symptoms in your child:

  • Limping
  • Visual deformities of the foot or ankle
  • Complaining of foot and leg pain
  • Becoming less active
  • Having trouble with balance

Any of these symptoms could mean it is time for a trip to a pediatric podiatrist.

Conditions Treated

EUP offers treatment options for children’s foot and ankle conditions, including:

No matter the reason or condition, the caring foot and ankle specialists at Essex Union Podiatry have the latest equipment and techniques in the industry to bring your child relief.

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