Comprehensive Laser Treatment

At Essex Union Podiatry (EUP), we offer specialized laser treatments to effectively treat ugly nail syndrome. With this quick and non-invasive treatment, ugly nail syndrome is eliminated by harnessing the power of mid-infrared wavelengths to penetrate the nail and destroy the infection.

This in-office procedure is designed as an easy, painless alternative to surgical removal of the nail, topical treatments or oral medications. There is no downtime or side effects.

What is ugly nail syndrome?

Ugly nail syndrome is a term used to describe toenails that have become disfigured due to a fungus or other infection. The infection initially appears as a small yellow or white growth beneath the tip of the nail and slowly spreads toward the nail bed over time. As it spreads, the nail discolors, thickens and possibly deteriorates.

This condition is typically the result of:

  • Heavy foot perspiration
  • Poor shoe/sock ventilation
  • Walking barefoot in damp areas (e.g., gym, locker room)
What can I expect during the treatment?

Prior to the treatment, the affected toenails will be cleaned and filed. Then, the laser is carefully aimed at each individual toe for a short period of time. The entire procedure lasts approximately 15 minutes, and post-care instructions are provided to avoid reinfection.

Generally, only one or two treatments are required to correct ugly nail syndrome, depending on the severity of the nail. In some cases, removing excess nail (debriding) may be required to allow the laser to more effectively penetrate the surface.

When will I see results?
Results may be visible within two to four months depending on how fast the nail grows out (a toenail usually replaces itself every six to 12 months). New, clear growth will start to appear at the base of the nail as the diseased portion of the nail grows out.

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