Flatfoot doesn’t usually require treatment unless it becomes painful.


Flatfoot—also known as pes planus—is a condition in which the arch on the inside of the foot becomes flattened, making it painful to walk, run and participate in daily activities. Flatfoot may be the result of stress and age, as well as accidents and injuries. Sometimes, genetics can play a role, as well.

What Causes Flatfoot?

Flatfoot is normal for toddlers and small children because the arch develops with age. In some cases, it may not develop at all (nor result in a problem) which can be normal, too.

In other cases, the arch develops and falls over time due to wear and tear on the tendon that helps support the arch.

How Is Flatfoot Treated?

Flatfoot doesn’t usually require treatment unless it becomes painful. Should pain occur, traditional treatments may include:

  • Inserting over-the-counter or customized orthotic devices into the shoe to reduce symptoms and support the arch
  • Participating in physical therapy (mostly for runners with an overuse injury)
  • Performing stretching exercises to stretch the Achilles tendon in those with a shortened tendon
  • Wearing supportive shoes

If pain persists after all conservative methods of treatment, a combination of surgical procedures to improve the alignment of the foot may be performed to correct the problem.

Surgical techniques include:

  • Double or triple arthrodesis: Fusion of the joints to give the foot stability and correct arthritis that may have formed within the joints (double or triple refers to the number of joints that are fused)
  • Lateral column lengthening: A portion of the calcaneus (heel bone) is cut, and a wedge is inserted into the opening to “lengthen” the bone and rotate the foot back from an outward facing position
  • Medial calcaneal osteotomy: The heel is realigned and fixed in place using metal plates or screws
  • Arthroereisis: A removable implant is inserted into the foot to elevate the talus on the heel bone, preventing outward protrusion of the ankle and flattening of the arch
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