Myths Busted Videos

Our expert doctors uncover the truth about the most common foot and ankle myths. Watch the below videos to learn the truth about your foot health.

MYTH: “Bunion surgery is extremely painful”

MYTH: “Bunions can just be cut off”

MYTH: “Bunions are caused by wearing high heeled shoes”

MYTH: “Bunions will go away without surgery”

MYTH: “A bump on the side of your foot can only be a bunion”

MYTH: “There’s nothing you can do for a broken toe”

MYTH: “If I can walk on my foot it can’t be broken”

MYTH: “A sprained ankle is nothing to worry about”

MYTH: “A break and a fracture are different”

MYTH: “If nothing shows in the x-ray, there’s no fracture”

MYTH: “If I have no pain, I can remove my boot”

MYTH: “Heel spurs can be removed”

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