Essex Union Podiatry Announces Acceptance of OMNIA Health Plans

Essex Union Podiatry is pleased to announce that the practice is now a participating Tier 1 provider in the new OMNIA Health Plans offered by the OMNIA Health Alliance.

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey (BCBSNJ), one of the largest insurance providers in the state, is joining forces with some of New Jersey’s top hospitals and doctors to form the OMNIA Health Alliance. The OMNIA Health Alliance is dedicated to making a more efficient, cost-effective machine that rewards doctors for the quality of care they provide rather than quantity of care through the amount of tests and treatments performed.

The OMNIA Health Plans are a suite of tiered health insurance plans designed to provide patients with more low-cost premiums and benefits. In addition, there is also a better selection of care for patients from the 24,000 participating doctors/healthcare providers and the 34 hospitals within the state (in Tier 1).

Tier 1 participants are selected based upon the following criteria:

  • Ability to provide the full range of clinical services
  • Demonstrates commitment to value-based/population health management models of care
  • Demonstrates quality performance
  • Financial strength
  • Geographic coverage

Essex Union Podiatry is proud to have met these qualifications in order to become a Tier 1 provider and a part of the OMNIA Health Alliance’s commitment to changing how New Jersey does healthcare.

For more information on the OMNIA Health Plans or to schedule an appointment, contact Essex Union Podiatry today.