Five Common Foot and Ankle Problems in Pregnancy—And What to Do About Them

Pregnancy is amazing. Think about it—your body grows and nourishes a fully formed human from a single cell. But pregnancy is not without its struggles. Pregnant women can be susceptible to health problems, from their head (pregnancy headaches, anyone?) down to—you guessed it—their feet. You know how important it is to take care of yourself when you’re pregnant. You take … Read More

Get the Facts on Foot Warts

The human body is full of wonders, but warts are not one of them. This skin condition causes abnormal growths to appear that can be both unsightly as well as painful. They are the result of an infection from one of many strains of human papillomavirus (HPV). So, what’s the deal with these pesky bumps, and what can be done … Read More

Wound Basics 101: What You Need to Know

Getting cuts and scrapes are a part of everyday life. Just about all of us have come across the business end of something like a razor, knife or even a strip of sidewalk during a fall and have lived to tell the tale, but what happens when you don’t tend to the wound? In many cases, people heal from these … Read More

How to Keep Feet Happy When Staying Active

Dr. Sarah E. Haller is the newest face at Essex Union Podiatry and long-time lover of outdoor activities. Together with her faithful companion, her Labrador, Dr. Haller tackles a variety of outdoor undertakings and offers tips based on her own fun-filled and healthy experiences. It’s a well-known and established fact that staying active helps you stay healthy. When I say … Read More

5 Tips for Happy, Healthy Feet While Gardening

Gardening is a well-known pastime for many, and Dr. Nancy Kaplan is no exception. In addition to being an avid hobby homesteader—growing nearly all the food her family consumes organically and sustainably—her husband also spends his time farming heirloom tomatoes. Mixing business with pleasure, Dr. Kaplan explores how to keep herself and her patients free from foot and ankle injuries … Read More

Dr. Galante Offers 5 Foot and Ankle Care Tips for Gymnasts

Our very own Dr. Jason P. Galante’s time as a podiatrist doesn’t stop when he leaves the office. He is constantly concerned about foot health, especially when it comes to his daughter who is an avid gymnast. Today, Dr. Galante is here to share some professional tips that he uses to protect his daughter’s feet and that we all should … Read More

Pump Up Your Knowledge About Pump Bump

It’s well understood that a good heel can take any ensemble to the next level, but did you know that your heels may add an unsightly and painful bump to your look? Let’s take a look at this funny-sounding—yet potentially painful—foot deformity. What is pump bump, exactly? Pump bump—also known as Haglund’s deformity, Haglund’s syndrome, Haglund’s heel or Mulholland deformity—is … Read More

Happy Retirement, Dr. Feldman!

Our very Dr. Marshall Feldman will be bringing 40 years of practice to a close this April. In his stead, Drs. Galante, Kaplan and Haller will be tending to the needs of all of our patients. See the full announcement here. We wish Dr. Feldman the best in all of his future endeavors!