5 natural remedies to treat athlete’s foot at home, according to podiatrists

To treat athlete’s foot at home, you can apply tea tree oil or soak your feet in a tea bath.  To prevent the recurrence or spreading of athlete’s foot, you should try sprinkling your feet with cornstarch and disinfecting your shoes.  If your athlete’s foot symptoms do not improve within a few days of using natural home remedies, reach out … Read More

4 Common Causes of Heel Pain

Common causes of heel pain

Do you know what the most common foot and ankle problem is? It?s not bunions, flat feet or Achilles tendon tears. It?s simple heel pain.? What makes heel pain so tricky is that there are so many possible sources. The source of the heel pain will dictate the treatment to ease it, so an accurate diagnosis is critical.  Here are … Read More

Dr. Haller Featured on TLC’s “My Feet Are Killing Me”

Essex Union Podiatry Dr. Sarah Haller featured on TLC's My Feet Are Killing Me

Dr. Haller on TLC? Not to worry? Dr. Sarah Haller isn’t going anywhere. She?ll be right here at Essex Union Podiatry, providing top-notch foot and ankle care to her patients. But do you know where else you can see her? On TV! Dr. Haller is featured on TLC?s hit new show, ?My Feet Are Killing Me.? This program features stories … Read More

Fall Foot Care

Fall foot care tips from Essex Union Podiatry

Summer is all flip flops, sandals, open toes and barefoot, but when the mercury starts dropping, it