Walking is Man

With his step-counting pedometer, 69-year-old Jim Palmquist tracks his daily steps in a log book. He will often favor a hike over his Toyota Highlander if he has a chance to walk the distance.

Three Guidelines to Avoid Children

Children playing team sports will often learn many lifelong skills such as discipline and teamwork. Young athletes, however, are often prone to injury. To prevent injuries, parents should consider three basic guidelines. Ensure that your child understands the proper muscle

Several Methods to Treat Blisters

Warmer weather is usually indicative of bare feet and sandals. After a harsh winter, however, feet are often left chafed and blistered. There are several ways to treat blisters. To safely cure the condition, it is best to place a bandage over the blister and allow it to heal itself properly to avoid infection. Aloe vera gel can work as … Read More

Cold Therapy Helpful in Treating Heel Pain

Plantar fasciitis, characterized by heel pain when you stand or walk, is often treated with drugs or surgery. A new treatment, however, may completely remove pain and restore function to the feet. The new Art Robotic M6 Cold Laser therapy is a cold laser that penetrates the surface of the skin without a heating effect, damage, or pain. Cold laser … Read More

Mike Conley moves forward with Sprained Foot

After recently spraining his right foot, Mike Conley of the Memphis Grizzlies still intends to continue playing into the playoffs. The sharp pains the Grizzlies guard experiences are not enough to keep him on the bench. The Grizzlies have seen Conley play through pain before.

Happy Club Program puts Shoes on Children

Over 100 students from Marshall and Mellichamp elementary schools in Orangeburg Consolidated School District 5 received new shoes and socks thanks to the Orangeburg Rotary Lunch Club

Diabetics with Foot Pain find relief with Non-viral Gene Therapy

According to a new Northwestern Medicine study, diabetics suffering from painful diabetic neuropathy (PDN) can relieve their pain by taking low doses of a non-viral gene therapy called VM202. VM202 contains human hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) gene. Dr. Jack Kessler, lead author of the study and the Ken and Ruth Davee Professor of Stem Cell Biology and a professor in … Read More

Yoga Stretches Can Help Prevent Running Injuries

To prevent running injuries and foot pain, runners will often invest in quality shoes and try to follow a training schedule. Injury prevention, however, also involves performing stretches. Yoga stretches such as the hero pose, kneeling tow squat, and garland pose can help reduce a runner

Phillies Outfielder Domonic Brown confirms Tendinitis

After recently having an MRI on his left Achilles, Domonic Brown, outfielder of the Philadelphia Phillies, has been confirmed with tendinitis. Brown had been complaining of soreness in his Achilles tendon during his game against the Yankees, eventually causing the athlete to leave the field during the third inning. The team reports that Brown is a day to day case, … Read More