4 Funny Fairytales Debunked About Foot Fungus Treatment

When it comes to what you can get away with regarding your feet, it seems as if the internet doesn’t hold back. Old wives’ tales about how to treat a variety of foot ailments—especially foot fungus—have reared their ugly heads in the guise of viral truth bombs posted across social media.

Well, we’re here to set the record straight on some of these wacky myths with some truth bombs of our own. Here are four myths about foot fungus treatment that we have effectively debunked:

Myth #1: Rubbing cut onions on foot fungus will clear it up.

Fact: Let’s start off with saying: The ONLY thing rubbing an onion on your foot will accomplish is making your foot smell like an onion.

There is a wild claim out there that cut onions have magical antifungal, antibacterial and detoxifying properties for the body. In reality, all they do is magically add flavor to food. Please do not rub your foot fungus with onions as it may only make the problem worse.

Myth #2: Urine kills foot fungus.

Fact: We see this a lot with regards to athlete’s foot, and while there is a tiny kernel of science buried in this gem, there’s still no justification for using urine as an effective treatment for foot fungus (or anything else, for that matter).

It isn’t the urine per se that is the treatment but rather the urea (a compound found in urine). Urea is an inactive ingredient found in many athlete’s foot treatments. Urea doesn’t kill fungus; it targets the thickened skin that athlete’s foot produces, allowing the ACTUAL antifungals to penetrate the affected area.

In short, stop peeing on your feet.

Myth #3: Tea tree oil is a great home remedy for treating athlete’s foot and nail fungus.

Fact: While essential oils have their place in the world, that place is not your feet. Studies are inconclusive regarding the effectiveness of tea tree oil. If you’re living with painful, uncomfortable foot infections and want to try at-home treatments, consult with a medical specialist about your options.

Myth #4: Reducing sugar in your diet will kill all nail infections.

Fact: Sugar gets a bad rap for a lot of things, but a fungal infection shouldn’t be one of them (in most cases).

This is another myth where little bits of truth are sprinkled throughout. The only situation where sugar would play a part in fungal development is in patients living with diabetes. High glucose levels may help feed the infection and make it worse, especially in the case of athlete’s foot.

That said, if you do not have diabetes, removing sugar from your diet will do absolutely nothing for your fungal foot problem. So, consider that slice of cake safe, as long as you eat it while calling a medical professional about your foot infection.

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