Fall Foot Care

Fall foot care tips from Essex Union Podiatry

Summer is all flip flops, sandals, open toes and barefoot, but when the mercury starts dropping, itís time to put your feet away into boots and closed-toe shoes. When you go from exposed toes to cooping them up all day, itís more important than ever to give some time and attention to your feet. Just because no one can see … Read More

How to Tell If You Have Plantar Warts

Essex Union Podiatry offers a walk-in wart treatment clinic

A pain in the footóthatís what you get with plantar warts. There are all kinds of warts, which are skin growths that are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). Experts estimate there are from 60 to 100 types of HPV, and while only some of them cause warts on the skin, it can be confusing which kinds of the many … Read More