5 Tips for Happy, Healthy Feet While Gardening


Gardening is a well-known pastime for many, and Dr. Nancy Kaplan is no exception. In addition to being an avid hobby homesteader—growing nearly all the food her family consumes organically and sustainably—her husband also spends his time farming heirloom tomatoes. Mixing business with pleasure, Dr. Kaplan explores how to keep herself and her patients free from foot and ankle injuries … Read More

Dr. Galante Offers 5 Foot and Ankle Care Tips for Gymnasts

dr. galante podiatrist in nj

Our very own Dr. Jason P. Galante’s time as a podiatrist doesn’t stop when he leaves the office. He is constantly concerned about foot health, especially when it comes to his daughter who is an avid gymnast. Today, Dr. Galante is here to share some professional tips that he uses to protect his daughter’s feet and that we all should … Read More