Summer Feet: Steer Clear of the 3 Summer Sís

summer feet

Sunís out, bunions out, as they say. After spending the winter hibernating in boots, your feet are ready to make their debut in a fetching sandal. Unfortunately, with summer comes heat, which can be the cause of the sad summer Sís: swelling, stinky, scratchy. So, letís take a look at these sizzling issues bumming out your feet and what can … Read More

Ingrown Toenails Make Summer a Bummer

Ingrown Toenail Summer

Why This Pesky Condition Is More Prevalent During Summertime An ingrown toenailóalso known as onychocryptosisócan be a hassle any time of year. In fact, over 7.1 million Americans report having the condition annually. But, did you know it occurs more often in the summer months (ironically when your toes are the most exposed)? Letís take a more in-depth look as … Read More