Flip-Flop Fiasco: 8 Reasons to Avoid This Fun and Flirty Footwear

Flip Flop

Itís just about flip-flop season. Time to expose those toes and prep your feet for fun in the sun, right? Wrong. Although flip-flops are so easy to slip into and super cute, have you ever considered what they might be doing to your feet? Bet not. Below are eight reasons flip-flops could be damaging your foot health: 1) Youíre exposed … Read More

5 Excellent Exercises to Keep Foot Pain at Bay

Foot Exercise

Every day, our feet take a serious beating. They bear the weight of the body and are usually forced into unsupportive, restrictive footwear such as heels and flats. Then, they are slammed into hard surfaces for hours on end as we walk, run, jump, etc. Pain is typically the result of such abuse and makes everyday activities difficult to accomplish. … Read More