The definition of the disease called osteomyelitis is an infection of bone. There are two sources of this disease. One would be an infection that occurs in the vicinity of the infected bone that directly affects the underlying tissues that come into contact with that bone. Second, a bone infection may be the result of an underlying infection that arises … Read More

Shin Splints

shin splint treatment

Shin splints refers to pain along the front of the leg, specifically the shinbone. It involves the large bone in the leg called the tibia. Shin splints are common in runners, dancers and military recruits. They often occur in athletes who have recently intensified or changed their training routines. The muscles, tendons and bone tissue become overworked by the increased … Read More

Essex Union Podiatry Announces Acceptance of OMNIA Health Plans

Essex Union Podiatry is pleased to announce that the practice is now a participating Tier 1 provider in the new OMNIA Health Plans offered by the OMNIA Health Alliance. Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey (BCBSNJ), one of the largest insurance providers in the state, is joining forces with some of New Jersey’s top hospitals and doctors to … Read More