Can Plantar Fasciitis Be Left Untreated?

plantar fasciitis untreated

What is Plantar Fasciitis? Plantar Fasciitisí name actually describes what it is: the plantar aspect of the foot means the bottom of the foot. Plantar is the opposite in this case of dorsal, like the dorsal fin of a dolphin. The fascia is a ligament in the sole of the foot that stretches from the heel to the toes. If … Read More

Will Ingrown Toenails Heal Left Untreated?


Ingrown toenails left untreated usually cause a lot of pain, can get infected and, in the worst situations, can actually lead to bone infections and loss of the toe. It is always surprising to those who have never suffered an ingrown toenail how much a small piece of nail stuck in the skin can hurt so much. Toes and fingers … Read More

Hammertoes: A Look at Remedies and Surgical Procedures


Overview of Hammertoes Hammertoe is a term used to describe a group of toe deformities. You can have a hammertoe, mallet toe or claw toe deformity depending on how the toe is bent. In a normal toe, the two joints that are between the toe bones (phalanges) are straight, relaxed and flexible. If the toe bends only at the joint … Read More